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Robots and drones

The machine has no feelings, it feels no fear and no hope … it operates according to the pure logic of probability.  For this reason I assert that the robot perceives more accurately than man.


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Image of child with Robot

The Best Robot Toys Kids Learn By Using

The best robots toys for kids to learn with aren’t going to be the cheap ones.  The cost of the toy should be weighed by the value of the education is provides.

Image of Drone and Farming

Learning All About Drones

The drone  industry is taking off like never before.  The government has even taking steps for pilots of drones to be certified to fly a drone.  This means that drones are here to stay and being taken very serious.

Image Surveillance Robot

How Are Robotics Used In Law Enforcement?

Robots have taken over many of the risky roles that officers used to perform.  We answer the question of, are robotics used to keep law enforcement safe by giving real world examples. 

Image of WunderKind robot

How to Build a robot for Kids
– The Parent’s Guide

As parents, we need to introduce technology subtly at a young age.  This way they see the technology as fun and exciting.

Image BP Employees Drones

How Drones In The Oil Industry are helping to monitor for methane

British Petroleum (BP) has developed the first in its industry continuous monitoring system for methane. 

Mavic 2 Pro


As drones become more popular and their uses accepted by more mainstream industries.  Pilots and developers are going to be in high demand.

Image of man flying drone

Programming for Drones -- How to get started

drones becoming such a large part of both our social norms and industrial needs.  Learning to develop the source and applied code that drives them is going to become a top skill to know.

UPS_Drone Image

How New Laws Around Drones And Logistics Change Business Models

UPS has been approved to use drones for delivery of packages.  Very quickly, we now see other businesses wanting to join with UPS to benefit from the use of drones and logistics of delivering their packages.

When robots and drones are one

This image of a honey bee drone shows what is possible when robotics and drone technology merge.