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Product: Robolink CoDrone Pro
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Size: 5.5 x 1.5 x 5.5 inchesimage of CoDrone Pro Drone
Weight:  1.05 pounds
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The CoDrone Pro, Product Overview

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What can you say?  Drones are everywhere.  We see shipping companies looking to use drones for local short distance routes.  Drones can be equipped with cameras to capture stunning views that weren’t always available to the average person before.  No longer do you have to put your life in danger to capture those hard to get million dollar shots. 

Let’s look at the next progression in the consumer drone market? One where we can program it to fly with or without us remotely controlling it.  Learning new things is fun, playing with new technology is even better.

Programming Your Drone

Programming a drone to fly with no controller is cool.  Having a drone that will take off and fly alongside you is awesome.  It’s kind of like having your own bird that flies along as you walk around your neighborhood.  Well sort of.  With only about an 8-minute battery life you won’t walk too far before the flight is over, but the idea of it is still pretty amazing.

We see drones in the news, package delivery, and on television documentaries.  The technology isn’t coming.  It’s here.  The sooner we start to learn about it the quicker we can embrace what it means for our lives.  Learning to program this fun little drone will be the start of a journey to understand a much larger adoption of technology.

The one thing that impresses me with this drone.  Is the progression through the programming languages.  For the beginner blocky is perfect to teach the logic of programming.  The interface is easy and resembles playing with a jig-saw puzzle.  Then when skills are stronger and confidence is up Python is next in the arsenal of languages to use.  Finally rounding out the programming options is Arduino using C++.

Starting new programmers this way really helps to build the confidence and excitement to keep learning.  The skills they will learn will be transferable to real world uses.  Programming is a skill that is needed and the easier we can make it for those starting out.  The more likely it is they will stay engaged and want to learn more.  This is the value of adopting technologies that entertain while they teach and as parents and educators this should be our goal.


CoDrone Pro by ROBOLINK Inc. is chocked full of goodies.  You can code it using Blocky, Python, or you can even use C++ with the Arduino interface.  This makes CoDrone perfect for students and adults that want real projects to learn to code.  We are venturing into the world of unmanned arial vehicles (UAV) and with learning aids like the CoDrone we are preparing our children for that future.  

Schools and STEM programs teaching technology are perfect to capitalize on student’s zeal for technology and competition.  Since these drones need assembling, they allow for teaching both aerodynamic technology and programming at one time.  As a teacher or parent, can you think of a better way to get kids interested in the new era of technology — than building and programming a functioning autonomous drone?


image of child with CoDroneThe CoDrone is approximately 5.25 inches square which makes this little drone big in functionality and fun.  Being a quadcopter and fully programmable, adults and students alike are falling in love with the capabilities that are possible.

Writing your own code to maneuver the drone allows for competitive battles between multiple CoDrones.  Games are fun when two or more drones take part in simulated laser battles.  With the various ways to program the drone new developers can start with the drag and drop interface of Blocky.  Once the basics of logic conditions, and loops are learned then the budding programmer can move on to Python or C++ with Arduino for more advanced commands.

Learning with friends and family makes this little drone even more fun.  When the challenge exists to see how your code for flying and battling is put up against someone else you will find new ways to push yourself to out maneuver those you are competing against.

Unlocking the imagination of our children is the purpose of this drone.  Watching them grow and develop skills that lead to real world applications development is the end reward.  Nothing provides a better feeling than watching someone get a program working for the first time and seeing the end result of their efforts.  The end result we are after here, is watching the drone lift off, fly around and land just as you expected it to happen.  Once the beginner masters that, then the options are endless.


As a father that raised two special needs children.  I’m always on the lookout for products that can get them involved with others. Especially if the activity can level the playing field giving them an equal opportunity to compete without limitations.

This drone being programmable does just that.  For individuals with cognitive issues starting with blocky by dragging and dropping instructional code keeps it easy to understand and learn.   By dragging the code blocks and connecting them they are able to create instructions that will drive the quadcopter and even have their own competitive battles.

Once comfortable with understanding the blocky logic they can take a stab at the more advanced languages and improve their skills.  Watching individuals grow beyond their current circumstances is always a great feeling.

Parents always want more for their children and many times with special needs this can be difficult.  Children with special needs are so much more animated when they achieve success.  Assembling the drone may require help from a parent or friend that can put the pieces together.  Once assembled the fun of programming the drone begins.  Simply let their imaginations flow with the many maneuvers and operations they can come up with.

Occupational therapists can use these drones for working with fine motor skills and comprehension.  The remote control that can be built allows for controlling the drone as you would any other remote controlled device.  Then the programming can be used to aid in comprehension of connection blocks that when completed can take over controlling the drone.

There are so many great aspects this technology can introduce that I have only barely touched on.  Letting young minds go and grow is what this drone is about.  I absolutely love the concept and the growing community behind it.


The company Robolink INC. has joined the Google learning portal called Workbench.  This partner site is packed full of training material that helps to get users over the learning hump fast.  The Workbench portal has fun and entertaining tutorials to teach blocky, Python, and Arduino programming languages.  Searching on the web you can find large educational institutions joining the community with ideas and how to videos for using your CoDrone Pro.

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