Product: GANKER EX by GJS Robotics Inc.
Price: $499.99
Cheapest Place to Buy: Amazon.com
Size: 20.2 x 11.7 x 9 inchesImage of Ganker EX
Weight: 8.3 pounds 
Rating 10 out of 10

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GANKER EX –Product Overview

Fun, educational, and entertaining are all words I would use to describe the growing interest in household robots.  This new phenomena is not expected to slow down and actually is expected to reach $9.1billion dollars by 2024, per a report by Markets and Markets™.  This just shows how fast we as consumers are adapting to robots in our homes.  A specific area of this market that is taking off is battle robots.  These robots are tough and rugged.  The modern day gladiator if you will.  Okay enough about the growing market let us get to the fun stuff.


A battle robot can take many forms.  On the popular television show Battlebots robots can be small or large and they are controlled remotely.  The person operating the remote control is called the driver.  The driver is responsible for getting the robot close enough to the competing robot to inflict damage, while trying not to take damage itself. 

The GANKER battle robot is designed and made by GJS Robots Inc. They designed the robot to look like a humanoid, and this plays into the immersion of the visual senses; as you drive punching and kicking your opponent.Image of Ganker_EX_Fighting

The people at GJS Robots originally released the GANKER robot in 2016.  Since then they have improved on its design and capabilities.  Today the robot not only performs combat activities, but you can play games such as soccer as well.  They did it right!

Schools and STEM educators can capitalize on the enthusiasm and zeal students have in the field of robotics.  This robot allows students to program it, which teaches real world application and script development, and compete with it against other students and departments.

As a teacher or parent, can you think of a better way to get kids interested in this new area of technology?   For the price, it’s one of the most affordable options available.


Image of Ganker EX RobotThe body construction of the robot is aluminum alloy with a polycarbonate (PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) shell. This assures very strong and durable construction — that will last for a long time.  It is designed to take the punishment that you will put your GANKER Robot through.

Four wheel chassis has Omni-directional wheels that allow for fast flexible movement in any direction.  The sensors and electronics that handle the steering functions are managed from an app you download to your mobile device.  This is not the robot of the past that were sluggish to respond.  This thing is fast and agile, even delivers blows as fast as you can send them.

Sensors placed on the armor of the robot: update the app when hit to subtract the pre-determined amount of health each time until fully depleted.  The robot that still has health at the end of the battle is deemed the winner.  Yes, you are truly inside your own video game with a Mech Warrior.


One of the key features of the GANKER EX robot is the ability to teach robotic programming.   GJS Robot is working on programming interfaces alongside institutions teaching STEM programs.  GJS is super enthused to develop interest in the robotic industry.   Inspiring young builders and programmers helps to make sure the industry continues to grow.  Educators and parents helping students learn to code is also allowing the community to grow and sustain itself, with new activities and games available in the downloaded app.


My children and I have been fans of the show Battlebots for a long time.  Watching the remote controlled robots go into the arena and fight it out to the end is very exciting.  We can now have the same battles in our home just as we watch on television.

Image of Man Machine Movement

The cool thing with the battles that you and I can have is these robots can punch and kick each other.  

Family competitive battles with these robots are so much fun.  You can take the fight to the next level when you introduce weapons.  The strategy required to strike and get out of the way of a weapon with more reach than an arm or leg raises the stakes.  Get your family and friends together — bring on the fight!


As a father with two special needs daughters, now adults, that love to play games but have physical limitations.  These robots are perfect outlets allowing them to compete in a space just like their friends.  Picture of daughter in wheelchair

Using the app on the phone is no different in many ways than the games they already play on their phones.  Dropping the learning curve since they live on their phones anyway.  As a parent its a win-win for learning and entertainment. 

The possibilities for  therapists to use these robots to help with motor skills training is huge.  Building eye hand coordination to move and interact with the robot is a really cool way to keep them engaged and working.  Kids and adults alike would not want their therapy sessions to end.


A robot to play soccer?  Yes, setting up a space with a goal at both ends, get the ball, setup your GANKER robot(s) and let the games begin.  Each team member controlling a robot works together to get the ball to their goal. Once at the goal if you can maneuver your robot to score your team gets a point.   

The fun and you will have with this robot is endless.  The more you learn the robot’s fine movements the better and more competitive you and your family will become.  Soccer is a universal sport and now it has evolved into the robotic realm.



**Disclaimer.  This blog receives a small commission for using “Amazon” products for the robot kits that we shared with you in our posts. Although we receive a commission for using and linking their products, they are extremely good robots and all of our opinions and suggestions are unbiased..

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