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Robots are no longer Science fiction.  Now they are becoming household appliances helping with daily chores.  There is a saying in the software development industry, “don’t repeat code”.  This holds true with daily chores also.  Advanced robot kits for adults provide an affordable way to learn robotic programming and maneuverability.

If you have a desire to learn new useful skills combining programming and robotics is a great way to build those skills.  I call the robot a spider, but my wife took one look at it and said it looks like a crab.  You can determine what you want to call it but the fact is this device is amazing.


The HEXA by Vincross

HEXA Robot

Robot manufacturer Vincross has recognized the need in the industry for trained professionals with robotic knowledge.  Their spider robot called HEXA can maneuver multiple terrain conditions.  HEXA has six legs with hinges to allow it the ability to overcome the surface hurdles that present themselves. 

Vincross created their own OS based on Linux and software development kit (SDK) allowing you full access to manage the movements and actions of your robot.  You can create routines to tell the robot exactly what you want it to do and the activities you want it to perform. 

The HEXA is a compact design making it easy to transport in a case or bag.  Using the spider robot in a remote location provides a great way of testing out your developed code.  You will absolutely love this spider and the community Vincross is working to build.

The MIND SDK Programming Interface

HEXA uses a Linux version that Vincross has adapted and called MIND OS.  If you ar

e familiar with Linux operating systems working with this robot will be familiar with any terminal session.  Vincross designed the HEXA to be as versatile as it could be. 

Each leg was designed with three pivot points that provide two ninety degree joints and one forty-five degree pivot.  This allows the leg to adjust to most conditions it would encounter.   

Diagram of robot leg

Using the MIND SDK you can create the skills, the programs you create, allowing your robot autonomous activities. 

Learning your way around the SDK you can write programs that control the camera to aid it in recognizing surface variants.  Allowing it to learn the most efficient method to traverse the different obstacles that appear in its path.

While having fun you will build knowledge of both programming and robotics that will have value in the industry.  Using the community of online developers to help you learn helps to shorten your learning curve.  Once you find yourself improving in your skills you can then start to offer advice to those just joining the community and needing help.

Capabilities of the HEXA

Hexa can move around your house and using your mobile device you can see exactly what its onboard camera is viewing.  This allows for you to get a feel for obstacles you may not have accounted for previously.

AI – Taking HEXA outdoors can be a lot of fun also.  The programming instruction set, MIND, can be setup to use artificial intelligence allowing HEXA to learn about its surroundings.  This in turn gives it the ability to figure out corrective actions to take when introduced to a new hurdle.

Dancing – You can program your robot to dance.  With the right skill setup through the MIND interface you can have the legs move in ways the robot looks like it is dancing.  This is actually a great way to learn all the movements you can manage with the robot.

Sight – Once you have provided the robot with items it should look for.  HEXA can then maneuver on its own by comparing what it sees in comparison to the images it is aware of.  When new images are encountered they can be captured and used for determining the necessary actions needed.

Balancing – Hexa is designed to stabilize itself when on uneven terrain.  This can be managed by the interfaced BalanceSkill.  Allowing you as the programmer to set different skills for HEXA depending on the terrain or obstacles it encounters.

These are just a few of the really cool capabilities the HEXA provides.  The list is literally only limited by your imagination and knowledge.  The more you learn to program within the MIND SDK the more exciting activities you can enjoy with your HEXA.

How to get your HEXA

The HEXA has an affordable price at $999.00 for the robot and its wireless charger.  When you consider all the capabilities and growing community of developers it’s a real bargain.  You aren’t just buying a robot you are investing in your future.  Expanding your programming skills into the robotics arena introduces new experiences for you.

**Disclaimer.  This blog receives a small commission for using “OZ Robotics” products for the robot kits that we shared with you in our posts. Although we receive a commission for using and linking their products, they are extremely good robots and all of our opinions and suggestions are unbiased..

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