How to Build a robot for kids - The Parent's Guide

Whether you have a child that is interested or want to get your child interested in robots and the technology behind them.  I’m going to provide you some tips to help do just that.  I love technology and my children have grown up with computers and all kinds of gadgets.

As parents, we need to introduce technology subtly at a young age.  This way they see the technology as fun and exciting.  To them they are playing and having fun.  We know they are really learning and building skills that will carry them in the future.

Being that I work in the technology industry, I am asked questions all the time.  How did you get your kids interested to work on computers?  Reality is I didn’t.  The computers and gadgets were there and my kids saw me on them all the time.

I sparked an interest they wanted to mimic what I was doing.  When they were growing up unfortunately these robot kits weren’t readily available.  The ones that were, they weren’t worth the money.

These robot kits have matured. Kids love them and schools are starting to get involved with their STEM programs.  My goal is to provide parents with the knowledge to make good choices to help your children become inspired.  I will provide you enough information to be able to which kit answers your question of “How to build a robot for kids?” 

With these robot kits, kids start small.  Learn the basics and then as their skills get better.  They are able to move on to other robot kits to continue their learning and fun.  As a parent of four, I learned that if I provided the seeds my kids did the rest.

Once a child’s mind opens to the possibilities, their imagination runs wild.  Can you remember as a kid running around with a stick horse and playing as if you were riding a wild stallion?  These robot kits provide our children the same thing. 

Ages 5 to 13

Here we want to look at robots that just provide fun and imagination.  These robots should be modular and easily assembled.  Children like to be independent and let’s face it you don’t have time to be with them every time they want to disassemble and re-assemble their robot.

Image of WunderKind robot

A great starter robot for young children is the Robo Wunderkind Starter Kit.  This little robot is as we stated earlier modular.  This robot was designed to be used by children as young as 5 years old and it introduces them to programming.

These are the skills we want the kits to enfoce.  Start our children young learning to program the movements of the robot.  To our child its fun I do this and the robot does that.  In reality they are learning a skill that adults are going to college to learn.  Programming is huge.

The Robo Wunderkind Education Kit is for Teachers and schools.  This robot kit was designed more for teachers and a teaching environment, but parents can purchase it as well.  The teaching material that is available provides a little more guidance and structure to the learning experience.

Ages 14 and up

Children that have an aptitude for computers and electronics then this robot is a perfect match.  The MakeBlock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit is a must have.  Your child will assemble the robot and program it to do many different activities.

This robot is compatible with Windows, Android, and Apple’s iOS. Image of MakeBlock DIY Ultimate Robot Kit Your pre-teen and teen will love this robot.  It looks like something out of Terminator.  Complete with a robot arm, HD camera, Tank style tracks, Wireless Wi-Fi antenna, and a USB port for programming interface.

You child will program this robot with a graphical interface using Blocky (similar to piecing together a jigsaw puzzle), Arduino, and Python providing the ability to learn a couple of different languages that are in high demand in the programming world.  This robot will give your child hours of fun and challenges to keep their interest peaked.

Competitive Robot Kits

Using robots in competitive sports is a fast growing segment of programmable robots.  This brings in a new level of STEM interest.  As with most robotics programs in schools.  The ability to have competition events between schools is always a big draw.

Image of Ganker EXHaving a sports enabled robot at home and in STEM programs is great for learning.  Students and young adults are able build the skills needed for real world applications.

The GANKER EX Battling Robot is a kit requiring assembly.  It comes with snap together parts and a software development kit (SDK). 

Creating battle scenarios and movement actions is at the fingertips of those driving the robot.  Using your Android or Apple iOS device to remote control your GANKER robot you have the ability to fight or play a game of soccer.

The community is developing new games and engagement scenarios all the time.  The options available are limited by the imagination of your kids.

This robot can be used at home or in a school setting as a STEM project.  The competition between schools STEM programs is a great way to test young robot student’s ability to control their robots. 

This robot is no toy and has so many practical purposes.  It entices our kids to learn both robotics and programming. 

Where to go from here?

One thing you can do is keep checking back here often.  I’m constantly researching the Robotic industry and kits that help with entering into it.  Do a little research on the web, look up the technology on YouTube, and even find a book or two. 

You never know as you research to help your kids you might get interested in the technology yourself.  There are so many open doors once you get the skills needed.  Kids really do emulate what they see us do.

Continue visiting this site and learning, reading books, and playing around with programming.  Your kids are watching and picking up from you.  Instill in them the thirst for knowledge and learning new and interesting skills.  They will need that more than anything in life will.

As I learn about new advances and even programs, you bring present to local schools I will post them.  I really want to see kids become super interested in the technology field.  Using robots to spark their imagination and get them started is a great way to make that happen. 

In conclusion

I hope this post has been beneficial to you.  Please leave a message below.  I want to hear your thoughts and questions around this subject.  Helping our youth get inspired about technology is very important to me. 

If I can help, I will be more than glad to try.

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