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XiaoR Geek Robot Kit Review — The Beginners Robot

Product: XiaoR Geek FPV Robot Car Kit with Robotic arm Hd Camera
Price: $339.00
Cheapest Place to Buy:
Size: 12”L X 9”W X 11”H
Weight:  7.5 lbs.Image of XiaoR Robot in pieces
Rating 8 out of 10

 The XiaoR Geek Robot Kit,  Product Overview

Whether you are interested in a career change or a new hobby.  Learning to build and program robots has a lot of potential.  The skills you learn translate to skills sought after right now.

This robot mimics much of what a robotics professional in the field would encounter.  The arm provides 4 – degrees of freedom (DOF) and allows for PAN and Tilt platform of 2—DOF.  This comes in handy when you are trying to get the robot to grab items below it or slightly above it.

This robot at first appearance being only 11.8”L X 9”W X 11”H would make you think it’s a toy.  Reality would be it’s a functioning robot.  You can learn the concept of movement in all directions.

The instructions can be a little tough to understand and decipher.  Being that the manufacturer is in China the instructions were written for the Chinese and then converted to English.  Some of the translation could be better.

There is a really good video on YouTube that you can follow to assemble your robot.  I highly recommend using it.  It will make your life easier. 

The link is here:  If the assembly instructions had been better, I would have given this robot a 10 of 10.  I will warn you now the narrator of the video is Chinese so her accent may be a little difficult at times.

I personally didn’t have an issue with the accent and the video was very detailed in how to assemble the robot. 

Image of WifiCarWCamera

The chassis design is 304 stainless steel construction. For a compact little robot it was designed with quality in mind. 

  • The chassis and frame contain the 2-wheel drive motor and the 2200mAh battery pack.

  • Controlling this robot is Raspberry Pi 3B+/4B controller with the custom Xiao R Geek power and motor controller board.

  • The Raspberry Pi board contains a controller for 8GB SD card.
  • Complete with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth controllers built into the Raspberry Pi board also.
  • The best part is this robot runs off Linux Ubuntu Mate. For anyone interested in learning more about Ubuntu Mate you can check out their site here  The onboard camera sends real time video to either your PC or your Smart Phone.
  • The programming interface uses Python 2.7. You can program the robot to more autonomously and create the source code to uses its line of tracking Ultrasonic sensors to manipulate and avoid obstacles.

As previously stated this robot is a perfect beginner’s robot because you will learn how to assemble the robot.  Remotely control it, Learn Linux (if you aren’t already familiar), and learn to program in Python (if you aren’t already familiar).

These are all skills sought after in the industry today are paying very good salaries.  Even with the instructions being a little difficult to decipher I still rate this robot an 8.  Using the video I provided above should help to make understanding the instructions much easier.  I would watch the video through fully once and then use it to help when actually assembling your robot.

The reviews on Amazon are low, but they are for the very thing I have already mentioned.  At the time of writing this review there were only two product reviews on the Amazon site.  Both stated issues with following the instructions. 

This is why I have included in my review the YouTube video that shows you step-by-step how to assemble and get the robot up and running.  Watch the video for yourself and you will see the assembly isn’t that bad.

In addition, you have someone walking you through the whole process.  I feel this product is getting a bad reputation because of the poorly designed instructions. 

Watch the video before you decide to purchase and see for yourself.  I have given my honest review and because of the instructions, I gave it 8 out of 10 as already stated.  That doesn’t sway me from recommending it as a beginner’s robot to build.

**Disclaimer.  This blog receives a small commission for using “AMAZON” products that we shared with you in our posts. Although we receive a commission for using and linking their products, they are extremely good robots and all of our opinions and suggestions are unbiased..

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